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GOOD Cat Food NEWS For a Change [02 Mar 2011|03:34pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

FREE BAG /REBATE on IAMS Dry Cat Food - good on 1.8lb bags or higher


Pass Along :)

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[ mood | working ]


FYI & Pass along to your other Feline Caretaker Contacts

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CAT FOOD RECALL [03 Aug 2010|03:32pm]

Just in case you haven't heard ...

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ATTN: Selected IAMS Recall [10 Jun 2010|09:27am]

[ mood | busy ]


Specific Lots of IAMS recalled due to Insufficient Levels of Thiamine (B1) - which is necessary for cats.

Cross Post & Spread the Word ...

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[14 Apr 2010|12:04pm]

Just thought I'd share some pics of my little Pippin!

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[11 Feb 2010|12:26am]

Hi all, I'm new here and thus far, sphynx cat-less. I've always had cats, but I have strongly desired a sphynx for years and years. I suppose I have a thing for hairless animals as I also have a couple hairless rat babies of whom I LOVE, I love the affectionate-ness of hairless animals. and they have such character and personality. :)

Anywhoo... I plan on moving to Florida soon, and had a few questions. One, is it a good state for sphynxes to live in? I would imagine the heat would be good for them, but I can't be sure. Something else I was wondering was, once I get settled down there into a pet-friendly home, what would be the best cattery to look into in Florida to adopt my first sphynx? I definitely want to find one within Florida, so that the cat wouldn't have to deal with the stress of being shipped. I would also be more than willing to adopt a retired breeder/rescue sphynx, though I would prefer having a little one to raise and grow attached to me. I'm not selective about eye color, gender, show quality or any of that, as long as it's healthy and affectionate. :)

Thanks for any help! I'll be going through this community and enjoying all the pictures and stories next time I have more time. Looks like a great and helpful community :)
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small sphynx home video [13 Jan 2010|03:02pm]

my 4 little girls

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Question [12 Dec 2009|12:57am]

I was wondering if a sphinx is capable of suddenly growing very fine fur. Smooth (my sphinx) has been bald for the four years I've had him and all of a sudden he's growing very fine peach fuzzy fur that seems thicker than usual. Anyone else have these issues?

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[30 Jun 2009|06:29pm]





My hairless cats are named after a city in Russia where a nuclear power plant exploded and the date rape drug.
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My Naked Kitties [27 Jun 2009|01:48am]


This is Shiva Dancing
He is a 13 year old pet quality Sphynx. If you are interested in researching the breed and their history. Look up Jinjorbred George Burns. He is a USA born natural Sphynx. His parents were 2 long haired barn cats. Shiva is one of his first sons. Shiva gets a little hairy in spots at times. I love his fur though... its so soft.

This is Neon Shadow Cat aka Fleshy
Fleshy is 2 years old Sphynx. Shiva has adopted Fleshy and his sister, Lalena. Him and Kuma-Neko  (my "Russian Blue") have done a wonderful job raising and teaching them.. Fleshy is a total sweetheart and has an amazing (very serious) meow. He climbs in my arms and starts every day loving and kissing me.

This Venus Bela Star aka Lalena
Lalena is an awesome cat and is currently studying under her adopted mom, Kuma to be Queen, Lalena is a very fun kitty... If I hear the water dish sliding around the bathroom... I know who is behind it. She is hoping to have her "Mouse Soup" recipe published. She says her toy blue mice work best. The trick is getting them in the water dish when mom won't notice. By morning the water is a lovely pale blue and then the mice vanish (mom rescues them) and reappear all dry a few days later.

I also have 2 haired cats Kuma and Pouncy.
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[24 Jun 2009|01:20pm]

There are AMAZING pictures in this community, honestly. It makes my day, especially after reading horrible abuse cases!! While going through the entries, I was noting that a number of cats happen to be rescues... which makes me ask if any of you would be interested in the website that my husband and I created: Rescue Meow? We post rescue stories from readers of any length, without restriction, as well as photos! If you have the idle time, please check it out!
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Recent Pic of My Smooth! [24 Jun 2009|10:28am]

Here is a pic I took of my very handsome Smooth Criminal.  I think it came out quite nice...

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bath time advice [13 Jun 2009|10:17pm]

This is Balthazar. He's five.

He hates baths with a fiery passion. He's a rescue cat from a local shelter, so I have no idea about any of his history (even his medical history was a complete blank when he came to the shelter). The only things they could tell me was that he was probably kept in a cage most of his life, he was a breeder, and he was probably accustomed to being around dogs. Other than that, nothing.

So I'd heard about how easy it is to bathe sphynxes. NOT THIS ONE. He doesn't yowl in water, but he does squirm like mad and it's extremely hard not to be injured (him or me) when getting a bath. He claws at everything, trying to escape, his breathing gets hard and fast, and he starts shaking like he's terrified. As a result, it's been once every two weeks. This is not ok! I have to hold his front feet very tightly together to keep him from escaping, because holding him behind the neck isn't strong enough to keep him there. That's how hard he's fighting me.

Any tips: how you got your sphynx to calm the hell down around water, how you restrain them in the bath, etc. I'm pretty sure the water's warm enough, I have towels ready, I'm very soothing, I pet him a lot, the bath goes as quickly as possible, I don't squirt water in his face, and there's a nice rubdown and cuddle and treat afterward. All I get for my troubles is scratches down my back, arms, and neck that don't go away for weeks.

x-posted to cat_lovers
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[Some Cute Pictures & One Sad Story] [10 Jun 2009|03:45am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello everyone! I'm so happy I found this community and thought I'd share some pictures as well as a story about the nightmare I went through trying to get my sphynx baby boy.

His name is Lou [sometimes Lucifer when he is bad :)] and he is 8 months old. I have 2 fluff balls besides him and am considering getting another sphynx in the next few months to have him not feel so alone. The las vegas breeder I adopted him from was a terribly heartless breeder, and completely had no moral ethics when it came to cat safety or their well-being. After the first 3 sphynx kittens I adopted from her all died within the first 2 weeks [2 died because of being ill, the other one died because she had an "accident" the day before he was to be taken to my home], a necropsy showed that my breeder's house had a serious contamination causing all the cats severe upper respiratory infections as well as feline herpes.. Through a battle, I spent close to $1000 in medical bills just to prove her at fault. She is now under investigation by the board to get her license to breed revoked. I prefer not to list her information on here [no need to start a full blown smear campaign though she does deserve one!] but if there are any local las vegas residents here who would like her information just to make sure this doesn't happen again, I'm happy to share it. [Sigh] I worked for a veterinary hospital for a long time and picked up some great knowledge about pets and pet care luckily. Thanks to that, my baby seems in great shape besides the un-curable herpes :(. Alright enough babbling and on with the pictures!

more pictures!!Collapse )

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Haligen Lamps [07 May 2009|04:34pm]

Anyone's sphynx ever lay under the haligen lamp too long and get burned?  I think Smooth may have accomplished this as the back of his head all the way down to his back is much darker than the rest of him now.

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[16 Apr 2009|02:18pm]

Every naked kitty needs a good easter dress!

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my beautifull mona [15 Apr 2009|10:13pm]

[ mood | loved ]

don't sphynx's just have the most beautifull personalities? they're the perfect loyal little puppies. ^_^ lol.

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New kitten [05 Apr 2009|11:01am]

This little guy, born on March 2nd, 2009, is coming home soon and needs a name! Let me know if you guys have any ideas on what to name him.

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Hairless Kittens [23 Mar 2009|12:58pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Born to a rescue Sphynx at a local (new england) shelter I work with. Babies were born 2am 3/20 - pics taken less than 24 hrs old. Babies will be available in 14 weeks or so.

Hairless Newbies !
Hairless Newbies !


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Dress up! [11 Mar 2009|11:07pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I decided to create a journal to document the many outfits of my first sphynx, Athena. Wanted to share it with you guys, because to be honest, I'm really proud that she let me put on and take photos of all 39 outfits in one night.


Oh sphynxes, your hairlessness is the best excuse to play dress-up.

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