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[Some Cute Pictures & One Sad Story]

Hello everyone! I'm so happy I found this community and thought I'd share some pictures as well as a story about the nightmare I went through trying to get my sphynx baby boy.

His name is Lou [sometimes Lucifer when he is bad :)] and he is 8 months old. I have 2 fluff balls besides him and am considering getting another sphynx in the next few months to have him not feel so alone. The las vegas breeder I adopted him from was a terribly heartless breeder, and completely had no moral ethics when it came to cat safety or their well-being. After the first 3 sphynx kittens I adopted from her all died within the first 2 weeks [2 died because of being ill, the other one died because she had an "accident" the day before he was to be taken to my home], a necropsy showed that my breeder's house had a serious contamination causing all the cats severe upper respiratory infections as well as feline herpes.. Through a battle, I spent close to $1000 in medical bills just to prove her at fault. She is now under investigation by the board to get her license to breed revoked. I prefer not to list her information on here [no need to start a full blown smear campaign though she does deserve one!] but if there are any local las vegas residents here who would like her information just to make sure this doesn't happen again, I'm happy to share it. [Sigh] I worked for a veterinary hospital for a long time and picked up some great knowledge about pets and pet care luckily. Thanks to that, my baby seems in great shape besides the un-curable herpes :(. Alright enough babbling and on with the pictures!

[massaging his ears!]

[playing rough with sophie]

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