C.S. Inkheart (frecklestars) wrote in nakedcat,
C.S. Inkheart

bath time advice

This is Balthazar. He's five.

He hates baths with a fiery passion. He's a rescue cat from a local shelter, so I have no idea about any of his history (even his medical history was a complete blank when he came to the shelter). The only things they could tell me was that he was probably kept in a cage most of his life, he was a breeder, and he was probably accustomed to being around dogs. Other than that, nothing.

So I'd heard about how easy it is to bathe sphynxes. NOT THIS ONE. He doesn't yowl in water, but he does squirm like mad and it's extremely hard not to be injured (him or me) when getting a bath. He claws at everything, trying to escape, his breathing gets hard and fast, and he starts shaking like he's terrified. As a result, it's been once every two weeks. This is not ok! I have to hold his front feet very tightly together to keep him from escaping, because holding him behind the neck isn't strong enough to keep him there. That's how hard he's fighting me.

Any tips: how you got your sphynx to calm the hell down around water, how you restrain them in the bath, etc. I'm pretty sure the water's warm enough, I have towels ready, I'm very soothing, I pet him a lot, the bath goes as quickly as possible, I don't squirt water in his face, and there's a nice rubdown and cuddle and treat afterward. All I get for my troubles is scratches down my back, arms, and neck that don't go away for weeks.

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