luna_nyx (luna_nyx) wrote in nakedcat,

My Naked Kitties

This is Shiva Dancing
He is a 13 year old pet quality Sphynx. If you are interested in researching the breed and their history. Look up Jinjorbred George Burns. He is a USA born natural Sphynx. His parents were 2 long haired barn cats. Shiva is one of his first sons. Shiva gets a little hairy in spots at times. I love his fur though... its so soft.

This is Neon Shadow Cat aka Fleshy
Fleshy is 2 years old Sphynx. Shiva has adopted Fleshy and his sister, Lalena. Him and Kuma-Neko  (my "Russian Blue") have done a wonderful job raising and teaching them.. Fleshy is a total sweetheart and has an amazing (very serious) meow. He climbs in my arms and starts every day loving and kissing me.

This Venus Bela Star aka Lalena
Lalena is an awesome cat and is currently studying under her adopted mom, Kuma to be Queen, Lalena is a very fun kitty... If I hear the water dish sliding around the bathroom... I know who is behind it. She is hoping to have her "Mouse Soup" recipe published. She says her toy blue mice work best. The trick is getting them in the water dish when mom won't notice. By morning the water is a lovely pale blue and then the mice vanish (mom rescues them) and reappear all dry a few days later.

I also have 2 haired cats Kuma and Pouncy.
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